Your Solution for PICC Line Placement

PICC Staffing, Inc. is a specialty provider of PICC line placement services to the St. Louis Metropolitan and surrounding areas since 2005.

PICC Staffing nurses are trained and certified in PICC line placement with ultrasound guide at the bedside.. High quality PICC services are available 7 days a week.  By leveraging its expertise and commitment to patient care, PICC Staffing provides outstanding service and savings to its customers.  PICC Staffing has one simple goal - to be recognized as the best PICC-placement specialists by patients, customers, and colleagues in the communities where its employees live and work.

PICC Staffing, Inc. has a combined facility success rate of greater than 98%. Your patient can get a PICC line placed at the bedside today, and under strict sterile technique. Bedside PICC line placement within hours of the doctor's order helps keep the prescribed IV medication and fluids on schedule. This decreases or eliminates the number of repeat IV and lab draw sticks. The use of ultrasound guided placement assures a greater success rate of first time stick, improved patient satisfaction and comfort. In many cases with early PICC placement the length of hospital stay for the patient can be decreased. In providing instruction on central line care and maintenance a relationship is developed which can help to improve nursing job satisfaction. A highly skilled PICC certified Registered Nurse will come to your medical facility. PICC Staffing nurses are available 365 days a year.


Conclusion: Successful bedside placement of PICC lines 
can significantly reduce costs while improving patient care.